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Tsarskoye Selo/Amber Room

Tsarskoye Selo/Amber Room

Closed: Tuesdays and the last Monday of every month
Distance from the hotel: 29 km

Pushkin , also known as Tsarskoye Selo, a majestic monument of the world's architectural 18th century, when this site used to be a hamlet, which Peter the Great presented to his wife Catherine I in 1710. About 1727 Empress Elizabeth inherited the place, and settled there at times during Anne's reign, but as soon as she seized the crown, she made up her mind to upgrade the rustic site into an official residence.
Ensemble constructions started in 1743. Later here was built a house for Catherine and Platon Zubov, her last favourite, which acquired the name of Zubovsky, and then close to the palace church he added another house for courtiers, which was rebuilt in 1811 by Vassily Stasov for the emergent Lyceum. The park also features the Admiraly designed by Neyelov, the Concert Hall by G. Quarenghi, Creaking and Chinese Pavilion constructed by Velten, and a complex of monuments in honor of Russian martial victories. Here in 1811, the Imperial Lyceum was founded by the Emperor Alexander I. During 33 years of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum's existence, there were 286 graduates. The most famous of these was a great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. Most famous point here is Amber room was first installed in the Winter Palace, but in 1755 Empress Elizabeth ordered to move it to the Catherine Palace in Pushkin. It was lost during the Second World War. A team of amber masters of the "Tsarskoselskaya Yantarnaya Masterskaya" Ltd has worked since 1982, intent on recreating the amber magnificent room. Restoring ancient amber objects d'Art, our craftsmen have studied and still use the old methods of the work with amber. This work was over at 2003.

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